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This is why we encourage early starts to our hires

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

Actually, there are two major reasons we encourage you to get organised the day before and to plan to arrive and start your hires with us early.

Firstly, starting early gives you maximum time to explore and experience the area without having to rush and stress - we encouarge paddling trips into the Noosa Everglades to meet us around 7am, which will get you on the water and away by around 8am. We then assist those wanting to paddle Lake Cootharaba or to venture to the Everglades by runabout from about 8:30am.

We do open from sunrise in order to accommodate anyone wanting to go earlier, and if your circumstances don't allow for an early start we're normally happy to meet you later in the day. Which takes me onto the second reason to get going early....

The normal weather pattern is for the days to start out with low wind conditions and calm or completely flat surface waters which are just ideal for any type of boating. Then, through the morning, the breeze will normally gather and strengthen which causes waves to form plus, depending on the direction of the wind, this will then give you either a tail or headwind component. The bottom line is that - normally - the earlier we get you on the water, the smoother and more pleasant and more stunning will be your experience.

It is fair better from safety and comfort perspectives to start the day with us as early as possible, and then you are free to explore and roam as you wish and to return at any time which suits you.


Here's what you might be able to expect by getting on the water early .... click image sides to scroll through

If you'd like to book a hire or to discuss your interests with us, we'd be very happy to hear from you.



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