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LAKE ESCAPADES is based in Boreen Point, a small village on the shores of Lake Cootharaba, surrounded by national parks and state forests.  The Lake is part of the Noosa River waterway system, in South-East Queensland, Australia, and is separated from the ocean to the east by a narrow stretch of the Great Sandy National Park.


We do not operate from a single general-purpose office or location.  Instead, we will meet you at one of several locations in or around Boreen Point depending on what you want to do.  It is for this reason that it is always best to contact us in advance if at all possible to discuss what you'd like to do and to make a booking.  You are welcome to turn up without a booking but we can not always guarantee availability.


You may find us as follows. 

  • FOR EXPLORING THE  NOOSA EVERGLADES BY CANOE OR KAYAK - We will normally launch you for both day and overnight trips from the public canoe launch ramp at Elanda Point (blue marker), as this starting point minimises the paddling distance required across Lake Cootharaba to reach the start of the Everglades area.  For simplicity and to avoid confusion, we initially meet you outside the entrance to the National Park at 59 Lake Flat Road, Boreen Point (red marker)- beside the group of four letterboxes there.  You then follow me in your car to the launch area, just a 3-4 minutes drive.  Free all-day and overnight parking is available.

  • FOR CASUAL HIRES OF CANOES & KAYAKS ON LAKE COOTHARABA - We operate from a designated area on the foreshores of Lake Cootharaba about 50m south of the Coffee Tribe Cafe and the Lake Cootharaba Sailing Club (yellow marker).  You will find our sign in the parkland area opposite 16 Boreen Parade, Boreen Point.  Free all-day parking is available.

  • IF HIRING A POWERED RUNABOUT - We launch most hires from the public boat ramp area located in Urunga Parade, Boreen Point near its intersection with Orchard Ave (green marker).  Free all-day parking is available.

  • IF PICKING UP A CANOE OR KAYAK - And transporting with you to another location, you will normally meet us beside the group of four letterboxes located at 59 Lake Flat Road, Boreen Point (red marker)


You are welcome to contact us by phone, email or instant message at any time.  We are always happy to help or advise you ... though if you call and we don't immediately answer, please just leave a voice message and we will call you back.

We don't offer real-time automatic bookings because most customers have questions and we prefer to discuss your interests and your situation directly with you before you book.  To enquire, to request a booking or to provide some feedback simply phone or email us using the following details or scroll down and complete the Instant Message form below and we'll get right back to you.  To book, we don't require a deposit, you just pay by cash or card on the day and you may cancel for any reason without penalty.




  • For most hires we do not require a deposit, you simply pay us by cash or card on the day

  • A deposit may be requested for unusual or group hires

  • Payment in advance may be appropriate if your hire will commence in a remote area

Pay by cash at the time of your hire

We accept all Mastercard, Visa and Amex branded cards

Debit, Credit and EFTPOS cards - in person or over the phone

Direct Deposit to our bank account:

BSB:        084 004 (NAB)

Account: 240090981 (Lake Escapades)

We can issue you with an invoice, which you may pay by any of the above means