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Paddling Routes & Destinations

Lake Cootharaba


The Upper Noosa River which feeds into Lake Cootharaba forms part of the Noosa Everglades, and is a well regarded area for paddling and exploring.  If you are wanting to do a day or overnight paddling trip to the NOOSA EVERGLADES, please see separate details here.

Not so well known are the various other routes available to paddlers on and around Lake Cootharaba which are generally easier to reach, have simpler navigation and can be selected based on prevailing weather conditions, how much time you have and your own specific interests. 

All the adventures described below comprise paddling by canoe or kayak plus offer opportunities to stop along the way and take a picnic break, go for swim, do a hike and various other activties.  Paddling times vary from just one hour to many hours, with total durations of a couple of hours to full days and even multi-days if you wish, and most routes are family-friendly.  There's lots of route options to chose from including exploring ancient creeks, accessing elusive hiking trails and even picnicing on your own private beach with delightful lakefront swimming.  Yes, overnight lakefront camping is also available.


Subject to weather conditions, we have canoes and kayaks available for casual hire on Lake Cootharaba, starting and ending from the lake foreshore area at Boreen Point.


These are our PER PERSON casual hire rates, assuming two paddlers per canoe or double kayak:


For children sharing a canoe or kayak with adults, their price is only $10 each and a child's paddle will be provided if requested

For additional information on meetup location, details of our canoes and kayaks, etc please click here




  • Ideal for families with young ones who prefer to stay close to shore and to not venture too far from their starting point

  • Explore the nearby eastern shoreline to the north and south of the Boreen Point penisula

  • Paddling duration: from 1 hour

  • Total duration: from 1 hour to all day

  • Combine with: Picnic stop along the foreshore reserve with free car parking, BBQs, tables, shelters, kids playground & toilets all nearby  

  • Highlights include Main Beach and Dunns Beach

From $35 per adult and $10 per child

See above for full pricing



  • If you've ever wanted to take your family or friends to their own "private" lakefront beach, this is the trip for you 

  • Hug and explore the shoreline heading north-west of Boreen Point making shore soon after passing the old sailing schooner wreck - take you pick from a half-dozen or so isolated sandy beach strips

  • Paddling duration: from 2 hours

  • Total duration: from 2 hours to all day

  • Combine with: Picnic stop on the beach under the shade of ancient Paperbark trees, swimming, fishing, tree climbing and immediate access to kilometers of lakefront and bushland hike trails 

From $35 per adult and $10 per child

See above for full pricing



  • Exploring Cooloothin Creek will give you a taste of what the Noosa Everglades far to the north are all about

  • Leave the shoreline at Boreen Point and head south across a section of the lake, looking for the landmarks that will guide you into the creek

  • Paddling duration: from 2.5 hours

  • Total duration: from 2.5 hours to half-day to all day

  • Combine with: Picnic stop on Dunns Beach on the way to or from the Creek, or on the shore of the Creek itself or at the jetty near its end, find the creekside rope-swing and access walking trails 

From $35 per adult and $10 per child

See above for full pricing



  • Mill Point lays to the north of Boreen Point and holds much historical interest as one of the earliest settlements in the Noosa region, with origins dating back to 1869.  Early developments here included housing, a timber mill, and a tramway - some ruins still remain. The site is listed on Qld's Heritage Register

  • Shortcut across a section of the Lake or track along the shoreline, exploring as you go

  • Paddling duration: from 3 hours

  • Total duration: from 3 hours to half-day to all day

  • Combine with: Picnic stop, swimming and fishing on the beaches at Elanda Point or Mill Point, bistro and bar at the Habitat Eco Resort, vast hiking trails out of Elanda Point and Mill Point

From $35 per adult and $10 per child

See above for full pricing


  • This adventure combines a decent amount of paddling with an equally energetic hike along trails infrequently used by others

  • Leave the shore at Boreen Point and track north-east to the far side of the Lake, making shore at the Teewah Jetty and commencing your hike to Teewah Beach, with the optional detour to the summit of Mt Seawah

  • Paddling duration: from 3 hours

  • Total duration: from half-day to all day

  • Combine with: Picnic stop opportunties at Teewah Jetty, or on the trail, or atop Mt Seawah or on the Noosa Northshore Beach at Teewah, surf swimming, beach hikes, lots of walking trails

  • Significant Option: Join the Cooloola Great Walk and hike to the Cooloola Sandpatch and then down to Camp Site 3 on the Upper Noosa River, returning by paddling or hiking. Requires 2-3 days and some logistical pre-planning

From $35 per adult and $10 per child

See above for full pricing

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