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Our 5-person launch is often used by groups such as families, schools and other special interest parties for scenic cruises, and also to transport people and equipment between points on Lake Cootharaba, Lake Cooroibah and the Noosa River.  We can travel upstream to the start of the Noosa Everglades at the Kinaba Information Centre and downstream to Tewantin and the bar at Noosa Heads.

We are always happy to tailor a sight-seeing cruise or water taxi service specifically to suit your requirements.


We operate an on-demand water taxi service between Boreen Point/Elanda Point, Kinaba & Teewah Landing.  The trip to or from Kinaba is popular with those wanting to paddle the Upper Noosa River and Kin Kin Creek, for a quick start to a canoeing, kayaking or SUP trip in the Noosa Everglades, and/or to camp in any of the dozen or so riverside camping areas on the river.  Price depends on the number of people in your group and whether or not we would be transporting canoes, kayaks or SUPsfor you.

People & gear only (A$)

  • $120 total for our 1-way water taxi service for 1-4 people (that is, from $30 pp)

  • $190 total for our 1-way water taxi service for 5-8 people (that is, from $24 pp)

People, gear & canoes/kayaks (A$)

  • $170 total for our 1-way water taxi service for 1-4 people (that is, from $43 pp)

  • $240 total for our 1-way water taxi service for 5-8 people (that is, from $30 pp)

Please note:

  1. Prices for 2-way trips are double the above rates. Trips between Boreen Point/Elanda Point and Teewah Landing are the same rates as above.

  2. If you have SUP boards to be transported please contact us to discuss your options.  If we can safely transport the SUPs in the same run as the passengers, we would do so and no additional fee would be payable.  It really depends on the type and number of SUPs involved.


Our water taxi can service most destinations on the Noosa River and Lakes system.  Other places of interest downstream include Lake Cooroibah, Tewantin & Noosa.

Prices depend on the time on the water and the number of people in your group.  Please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.


Exclusive private charter of our launch is available at $120 per hour, with capacity of up to 4 people (plus our driver).  Some private hire examples:

  • A 2-hour cruise for 4 people from Boreen Point, across Lake Cootharaba to Teewah Landing and onto the start of the Noosa Everglades at the Kinaba Information Centre, and return would cost approximately $240, or $60 per person

  • A more extensive half-day tour of the lakes and rivers for 4 people would cost approximately $480, or  $120 per person


  • To eliminate the need to paddle the open waters of Lake Cootharaba to reach the Noosa Everglades, and instead to take our water taxi

  • Transfer people relatively quickly about the waterways - such as those wanting to join or leave the Great Walk hiking trail at Teewah Landing

  • Transfer canoes and kayaks to save the paddling effort

  • Transfer camping gear, food supplies and other equipment, to save or supplement on 4WD vehicular access

  • Scenic tours of the Noosa lakes and rivers for your family, friends or other special interest groups

  • Rescue services - to return people and equipment quickly and safely, such as in the event of unexpected weather


The water taxi and scenic cruise services are normally available on every day of the year, subject to availability, weather and other safety conditions, however you will need to book in advance.  Please contact us to make a booking, for more information or to discuss your specific requirements. 


Your comfort and safety are our primary concerns at all times. You need to be aware that all outdoor adventure activities carry an element of risk and that you need to be in reasonable health to partake in a day of outdoor activity. For your information:

  • As with any on-water activity, weather plays a very significant factor in the level of comfort and safety you can expect during any hire or trip with us, and so we encourage you to check weather forecasts a few days in advance of any booking and to discuss any concerns with us.  Pay particular notice of the expected wind strength and direction through the day noting that wind strength is normally at its lowest in the early mornings and gathers through the day - this is why we mostly recommend early starts for all hires.  Remember, you are free to cancel or postpone any booking with us for any reason and at any time - we are very understanding about these matters

  • Mobile phones usually work on Lake Cootharaba and the higher hills which fringe this area, but will be intermittent or non-existent on the Noosa River and at most of the camping areas  

  • For most hires we can provide GPS trackers for added safety and convenience, at no cost

  • Our pre-departure briefings will alert you to some other matters of safety and some of the actions you should and should not take while on the water


Your involvement in any of our trips, tours and hires is subject to our General Terms & Conditions, and any other specific hire agreement we may execute with you.

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