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We use SMARTWAVE 4.2m boats in our powered fleet, with a carrying capacity of 5 people and their gear.  Boats are clean, new and modern and have quiet 4-stroke motors with electric start and electric trim and tilt.

Made in New Zealand and with double-skin polyethelene hulls, these boats have a world-wide reputation for safety and comfort, and are ideally suited to local conditions for exploring and accessing the Noosa River and lakes system, including the renowned Noosa Everglades.

Hires can commence as early as sunrise, so we suggest you make the most of your day on the water by getting organised the day before and starting early.


  • Half-day hire is $185* (maximum of 4 hours)

  • Full-days hire is $205*

  • Prices include one full tank of fuel which is normally sufficient for a mix of on-water and off-water time.  A spare additional 5L of fuel is provided on board but will be charged at $15* if used

  • $150* per additional days hire, with separate arrangements needed to cover fuel requirements

  • $60* per additional 25L tank of fuel (for multi-day hires)

  • In addition to the hire fee, as above, a $100 security bond is required to be paid on the day of the hire by cash, EFTPOS or bank transfer against all hires - this will be promptly refunded upon the return of the boat on time, undamaged and without anything missing. If you do not accept this condition please understand that we will not be able to accept your booking

* Please note:  We reserve the right to revise hire fees previously quoted or confirmed to any customer, in the event that we deem that the retail price of ULP fuel has moved significantly.  You would always be informed before the start of the hire but if in doubt please make contact


Runabout hires are normally offered daily but are always subject to availability, acceptable weather and various other factors including the occasional national park closure.  As such these need to be booked in advance – please use our booking request form or contact us directly to discuss and obtain more details and guidance. 


If you are in the area and wish to do something today, give us a call, we'll help you if at all possible.


All powered boat launches take place at Boreen Point, either on the lake foreshore area or at the public boat ramp - this will be agreed with you when you make a booking.

You may access the entire Lake Cootharaba and downstream through the Noosa River to Lake Cooroibah, Tewantin and Noosa as far as the Noosa Boathouse floating restaurant.

Upstream from Lake Cootharaba you have Kin Kin Creek, and the upper Noosa River - including the entire Noosa Everglades section to as far as Harrys Hut campground and beyond to Camp Sites 1, 2 & 3. 


  • A boat licence is not required to hire or drive our boats (because the boat's maximum speed meets the boating authority's limits)

  • We cover boat handling and operation in our pre-departure briefing

  • The minimum age of hirers is 18 years

  • Our runabouts carry a maximum of 5 occupants, including the driver

  • Boats may only be used during daylight hours


  • We encourage early starts in order to help get the best boating conditions, and thus we aim to meet you here in Boreen Point at 8:30am.  We do open from sunrise so if you'd like to arrive earlier or later, please just talk to us about this

  • Hires normally commence and finish at the public boat ramp located in Urunga Parade, Boreen Point near its intersection with Orchard Ave - free all day parking and toilets are available

  • Together we load your gear into the  boats

  • Next we provide you with detailed briefings on where to go and what to see, map reading, landmark identification, boat operation and handling techniques and emergency procedures - all intended to help ensure your hire is safe and enjoyable

  • Most hires are provided with GPS tracking devices, enabling us to remotely monitor your progress - in the event of any issues we will attempt to advise and assist you

  • Hires normally finish at 4pm though this will be agreed with you on the day (times may vary depending on time of the year)


  • Double-skin polyethelene hull, which provides a much quieter, safer and smoother ride than the common aluminium hulls

  • Quiet 4-stroke motors with electric start and electric trim and tilt - there's no need to pull start these motors

  • Bimini provided (it's an overhead canopy for weather protection)

  • Cushioned seating for up to 5 people

  • Backrests on most seats

  • Under-seat storage

  • Flat and carpetted floor

  • Maps and detailed pre-departure briefing provided

  • All mandatory safety equipment provided

  • Operations manual provided

  • Hire includes a full tank of fuel which is normally enough for a full day's outing

  • Spare fuel is provided (charges apply if used, see pricing above)


  • All your food and drink for the day

  • Hat and sunscreen, and insect repellent

  • Wear light and comfy clothing but bring a wind or spray jacket if you have one

  • It's best to wear thongs / flip flops on your feet, and not shoes

  • Fully-charged mobile phone

  • Fishing gear if required


  • All hires required a signed Hire Agreement to be in place, obligating the customer to take all reasonable care and to be responsible for any damage caused by their actions to our boat and equipment

  • Because of the presence of fuel and fuel vapours, we have a strict no smoking policy for all people using our boats.  Dropped smoke butts would also burn the hull and leave marks which are costly to remove

  • You are welcome to fish from our boats but you will leave marks on the hull if you cut fish or bait on anything other than your own cutting board - and these marks are impossible to remove

  • Alcohol limits apply on the water the same as on our roads - and boating authorities are not shy in conducting on-water breathalyser tests.  Drink responsibly


Your comfort and safety are our primary concerns at all times. You need to be aware that all outdoor adventure activities carry an element of risk and that you need to be in reasonable health to partake in a day of outdoor activity. For your information:

  • As with any on-water activity, weather plays a very significant factor in the level of comfort and safety you can expect during any hire or trip with us, and so we encourage you to check weather forecasts a few days in advance of any booking and to discuss any concerns with us.  Pay particular notice of the expected wind strength and direction through the day noting that wind strength is normally at its lowest in the early mornings and gathers through the day - this is why we mostly recommend early starts for all hires.  Remember, you are free to cancel or postpone any booking with us for any reason and at any time - we are very understanding about these matters

  • Mobile phones usually work on Lake Cootharaba and the higher hills which fringe this area, but will be intermittent or non-existent on the Noosa River and at most of the camping areas  

  • If ever needed, your best source of immediate assistance on the water is probably any passing commercial tour boat and the general boating public

  • We have a rescue boat and will come to your assistance if called

  • General and emergency vehicle access is available into the Harrys Hut camp area, at Boreen Point and various locations downstream from Lake Cooroibah

  • National Park rangers do patrol some of the area at times - both on the water and at the riverside camp sites

  • For most hires we can provide GPS trackers for added safety and convenience, at no cost

  • Our pre-departure briefings will alert you to some other matters of safety and some of the actions you should and should not take on these trips


Your involvement in any of our trips, tours and hires is subject to our General Terms & Conditions, and any other specific hire agreement we may execute with you.

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