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11 Campgrounds along 25klm of the Upper Noosa River

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

The Noosa Everglades can be explored by canoe, kayak or runabout in a single day, and this suits many people who want to see first hand what the area has to offer. However, those with more time and who may want a more immersive experience can elect to stay a few days, or longer, by camping overnight at their choice of 11 separate camp grounds dotted along the 25klm stretch of the river from Fig Tree Point and upstream to Harrys Hut and then futher on to Camp Site 15.

Zoomed in map showing campgrounds on the Upper Noosa River - Acknowledgement to Qld Government


The 11 campgrounds range from small riverside clearings with no facilities and catering for just a single small group or couple (such as Camps 4-15), to the larger multi-group and multi-site grounds with various facilities (such as Harrys Hut). Regardless, all 11 camp areas have a few things in common:

  • they are all absolute riverside with just a few steps to the water's edge

  • are well maintained and are normally clean and tidy, thanks to the splendid efforts of the Qld Parks & Wildlife Service

  • individual camp sites are large and well spaced, even in the larger campgrounds such as Harrys Hut

  • offer a genuine opportunity to slow down, get back to basics and be up close with nature

Here's a self-compiled summary of what's on offer, and we are always happy to discuss your own situation and interests and to make recommendations to best suit what you are looking for:

To assist with any planning, here are some approximate distances and paddling times for trips into the Upper Noosa River and the Noosa Everglades:

Distances and paddling times


A few images from Harrys Hut campsite, and Camps 1, 2 & 3 ... click image sides to scroll through


Some other important and useful information:

  • Harrys Hut is the only campsite which is also accessible by road - the journey takes about 70 mins from Boreen Point, is a mix of sealed and gravel roads (very suitable for SUV vehicles) and is a good option for those not wanting to paddle the open waters of Lake Cootharaba. We can make canoes and kayaks available for you at Harrys Hut or you are welcome to collect from us and transport on your own roof racks or trailer, or to borrow our trailer

  • Maximum stays at all upper Noosa River campsites are a very generous 21 days

  • No rubbish disposal bins or other such facilities are provided, accordingly you need to bring all your rubbish out with you at the end of your stay - LEAVE NO TRACE .. except your footprints!

  • Walking trails are accessible from many camp sites, including the splendid walk from Camp Site 3 to the top of the Cooloola Sandpatch, plus many others in the area

  • Two additional camp sites are located in the area but away from the river and are accessible by foot out of Harrys Hut ... Wandi Waterhole and Neebs Waterhole. If you really want something very unique and special, make the effort to reach these camps but allow adequate walking time

  • You need to book and pay for your campsites prior to setting up camp, either by phone or online. Camping is charged per person per night (around $7) and a family group rate of less than $30 per night is available

  • For more information or to make a campsite booking please refer directly to the Parks webite here or simply contact us for a chat

So much to do and such little time available! Enjoy your camping!

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